Human Capital Investment Group (HCIG) invests in recruitment businesses in the UK and internationally. We have a diverse portfolio of fast growth, high performing niche recruitment agencies.

By investing in people with passion, HCIG is known as a centre of excellence for leadership, talent management and development, and is one of the leading and fastest growing recruitment businesses in the country.

Driven by an entrepreneurial culture which exists across all the companies in the Group, we inspire the very best recruitment professionals to develop their careers and their businesses – fast.

With an investment model that is proven to build value, we seek out the best people and develop their skills, providing the infrastructure and expertise needed to boost sustainable and organic building growth.

Whether you are a start-up looking to get on the fast track for success or an existing business looking to add further value to your company, HCIG is your ideal growth partner.

To learn more about how we can help you and your business, explore our website or contact us here